After all, what is circular economy?
Bianca Kirklewski

Have you ever stopped to think about how we produce waste every day? This is the outcome of the most common production practice of our time, the so-called linear economy.  

It works like this: we produce, consume, and throw away. The model has a great negative environmental impact because it demands a lot of natural resources and generates huge amounts of waste. Moreover, these resources are finite, which means that one day they will run out.

But can things be different?

The idea of the circular economy is here to prove that they can! This economic model seeks to maximize the use of resources and minimize environmental impact. It promotes reuse, recycling, and reduction of natural resource consumption. In this way, the concept of waste is eliminated, allowing each material to be used in cyclical flows.

And what do we have to do with it?

revoltech is committed to promoting a true circular economy. Our LOVR textile is based on circularity at three levels.

1. We use agricultural residues as raw material;

2. LOVR is recyclable, which means that it can be put back into production;

3. Our textile is also biodegradable, so it can be returned to nature without harming it.

"If humanity continues to depend on finite resources and generate waste uncontrollably, we will destroy the planet. It is time to change the way things are made! Our company is intrinsically based on the concept of the circular economy. This is the right path for the future", sums up our co-founder Montgomery Wagner.

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