Our First Product Release
Emily Kleinjung

The long-awaited moment has finally arrived. For the past few months, we have received numerous requests for our prototypes to be available for purchase.
Revoltech are proud to announce the launch of a limited-edition cardholder, exclusively #madewithLOVR™. The first release is initially limited to 100 pieces.

Our Managing Director, Lucas Fuhrmann, is deeply moved by this achievement:
“It fills us with pride to finally have our first product in hand after years of research. I know how hard everyone on our team has worked on this release. Personally, I've been using the cardholder myself for a few months now and the material even feels better with every day. It brings me great joy to release our product to the public.”

The cardholder was handcrafted by Joel Fourier, a friend of ours in Frankfurt. He runs an exclusive leather goods studio in Bockenheim on Falkstrasse. We visited him at work in his adjacent studio.
 Joel Fourier says the following about the product processing:"I had the first LOVR™ version two years ago and worked with it. The product has undergone many changes since then, and I am thoroughly impressed.
Unlike other vegan leather options, LOVR only has one layer, making it easy to process edges with a sharpening knife, a common practice in leather processing.  I think LOVR™ has great potential for exciting circular products."

The launch of our first product is a huge milestone for us. We are a young company and the story of revoltech and LOVR™ is just starting. We sincerely thank everyone who supports us with their purchase.

For more information please contact Lucas Fuhrmann: lucas@revoltech.com

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